Sustainability Calculators

completely editable and customizable, These templates are available for you to calcualte the costs and benefits of various technologies that can be used to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Desktop Teleconferencing

    Video and teleconferencing over the internet can be effective and environmently friendly to use.

  • Energy Efficient Printers

    Not all printers are created equal. This calculator shows the benefits of using more energy effecient devices

  • Phantom Power reduction

    Phantom power is the power consumed by electronic devices, such as computers when they are plugged in.

  • Double-Sided Printing

    Double-sided printing is one of the easiest ways to save money and reduce waste.

  • Energy Efficient Laptops

    Replacing your desktop configuration with a laptop and docking station can increase productivity and save money.

  • Server Virtualization

    This calculator shows the potential untapped benefits of running multiple programs on one physical server.

  • Effecient Power Supplies

    By using energy effecient power supplies you can save energy and save money.

  • Energy star Moniters

    Reduce your electricity consumption by replacing your current moniter with one that is certified energy efficient.

  • Florescent lamp upgrade

    Bulbs for florescent light fixtures come in various types, but two common versions are the T12 and T8. See what differences these can make

  • Vending Machine motion sensors

    Vending machines are a simple example of how energy saving techniques can be applied with significant impact to energy costs.